About The Baxter Brief

The show is a short podcast about millennials, produced and written by yours truly. I got the idea for this production after feeling at odds with the term “millennial.” This generation (my generation) seems to get a bad reputation. Just google the term or type it into the search bar of Youtube and you will see what I’m talking about. A couple years ago, we became defined as the “me, me, me generation.” But most of us can’t get far enough away from the term.

On the show, I want to explore what millennials are really up to – what they think and who they are. Reputation be damned. In each episode, my friends, family, acquaintances, co-workers, and strangers will answer my one themed question as I attempt to better define my generation.

The Baxter Brief isn’t a personal journal or an in-depth discovery of what it means to navigate your 20s. No searching for existential meaning or pondering what it means to be in the “real world” here. The show covers serious and not serious issues through down-to-Mars questions that look at how we shape our decisions and think about them as young people.

The Baxter Brief is created by me, Baxter. When I’m not badgering my peers with questions, you can find me on the North Side of Chicago where I reside and work as a business reporter.



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