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What Sketchy Things Have You Done in Your 20s to Save Money?

In this episode, I’m tackling what it means to be entitled. It’s a word commonly used to describe millennials, and it makes me cringe. Here’s the thing though, maybe it’s not an entirely inaccurate description.

Take a step back and think if you’ve ever done something in an effort to curb your budget that you might not be proud to repeat to your parents or your boss. What sketchy things have you done in your twenties to save money? That’s what I’ve asked my friends in the first episode of The Baxter Brief.

I did put some basic parameters around this question, including no five-fingered discount stories and no harming others. Basically, when I asked other millennials this question, we took a moment to wonder if our actions could generally be considered “OK.”

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The Show

Welcome to the site for The Baxter Brief!

The show is a short podcast about millennials, produced and written by yours truly. I got the idea for this production after feeling at odds with the term “millennial.” This generation (my generation) seems to get a bad reputation. Just google the term or type it into the search bar of Youtube.

On the show, I want to explore what millennials are really up to – what they think and who they are. Reputation be damned. In each episode, my friends, family, acquaintances, co-workers and strangers will answer my one big question.

First up, “What Sketchy Things Have You Done in Your Twenties to Save Money?”

Coming soon.

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